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Granite Countertops: Types and Expenses

The Types of Granite Countertops and their Price

granite countertopsGranite counter tops are the costs option for homes and commercial buildings in the US. These natural rock kitchen counters give strong statements for any living space inside our home and give a certain ambiance of class to buildings such as hotels and corporate establishments. On top of that, granite tops now come in hundreds of layouts that will fit any type of preference and style.

There are generally three kinds of granite tops that are used for residences and industrial establishments. (1) Granite ceramic tile countertops, (2) Modular granite countertops, and (3) Slab granite kitchen counters. Each kind of granite leading has an equivalent price and top quality based on manufacture, installment, and fabrication factors.

Granite tiles are a lot more traditionally utilized as floor covering products but because of the high quality of this strong area, makers found them additionally ideal as kitchen counters. Granite kitchen area counter tops are now one of the most well-liked trends in American and European homes. Unlike ceramic tiles that make use of mortar or plaster to fill the gaps that often become prone to mold build up, granite counter tops use an unique epoxy to affix granite floor tiles together leaving small superficial joints or canals between each item. This is a relatively low-cost yet functional means of having a great kitchen counter to do all your cooking or dining activities. Black granite, an usual choice for kitchen area counter tops, would set you back around $5 each square foot. White granite is likewise readily available.

Piece granite tops are the higher end things considering that they are manufactured, made, and installed as one piece of block that are typically tailor-made for a certain location. Since it is a single portion of granite, this implies there are zero seams for these kitchen countertops, as contrasted to tile granite counter tops and modular granite leading.

A slab granite countertop normally costs around $50 to $60 per square foot, exclusive of installment cost. Expect an average harm of approximately $1600 to $2000 for these kitchen countertops. There are even more pricey imported granite top options for luxury customers.

Keep in mind to constantly hire a professional to set up these kitchen area countertops. Ask a kitchen area re-modeler to assist you look for accredited professional granite counter top installers.